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Put Me in Coach!

Get involved with what's happening at NewLife Church. There's always someone else to pour into!

How to Get Involved

Our church uses a system called Church Center to connect events, small groups, service opportunities, classes, giving, and more. This is an App that uses a web-friendly format. It allows us to integrate our website as well as our app into one ecosystem. We're pretty fond of it and hope you will be too.

If you'd like to download the App and search for a group there, please click the appropriate link below to be taken to that store listing for download.

Church Center for Android

Church Center for iPhone

Option 1 - View all Opportunities

Once you click the button below, a new window will open and take you to our offerings in Church Center. There you can view other ministry groups, service opportunities and join groups for to see their calendar of events.

Option 2 - Fill out a Form

The other way to get involved with the life at our church is to fill out a form to serve! Here you will fill out some simple information and a member of the staff or leadership involved with a ministry will contact you directly. Either way, you will be prompted to register with the Church Center app and end up involved!